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Grant Recipients

2006 Grant recipients:
  • Project Achieve ($25,000)
  • J Kyle Braid Leadership Program ($4,000)
  • Young Scholars ($2,000)
2005 Grant recipients:
  • Project Achieve ($25,000)
  • J Kyle Braid Leadership Program ($4,000)
  • Young Scholars ($2,000)
Prior to 2005, the Foundation sponsored the Jodie Harrison Memorial Teachers' Grant

The Jodie Harrison Memorial Teachers' Grant is awarded annually to a Hinsdale Central teacher (or teachers) in recognition of the Hinsdale Central Foundation's goal to "enhance professional development opportunities for creating grants for the pursuit of excellence in teaching and supporting unique experiences..."

2004 Grant recipients:
  • James Vetrone/Scott Musso - Science
    Personal Tutor resource room program providing software for individual learning on computers for their respective courses
  • Laura Milas - Art
    Artist framing and quarterly Artist Honorarium
  • Christine Hicks-English
    Character Thru Improv - Instruction, consultation, and performance orchestration for 2 sections of English 2 Honors
  • Jeff Waggoner-Music
    Concert Band commission - written by Reber Clark of Lisle
  • Lisa Bucciarelli-Foreign Language
    Character Counts! qualitative and quantitative survey to determine progress of Character Counts! at Hinsdale Central
The 2002-2003 Jodie Harrison Memorial Teacher’s Grant (see below) was awarded to study students who were experiencing difficulties with academic achievement. The project continued for the 2003-2004 school year. In addition, counselors were asked to interview students and parents at the beginning of the school year and an administrative intern worked on the project throughout the first semester. The first semester results showed that most of the students who
volunteered to be part of the project continued to improve their achievement.

The first semester 03/04 GPAs of the fifty-four students who are participants in the research project were compared to their cumulative GPAs at the end of 02/03. The results are as follows:
                       GPA Change
Improved   33     0.65
No Change   1
Declined     20   -0.35

Twenty-three students improved their semester GPA by .50 or better over their previous cumulative average.

2002 Grant recipient

Presented to Paula Kavanaugh. The study focused on lower 10% of student academic population. Parents/students were enthusiastic about project and participated at higher than expected rate. Families received resources over summer to help student prepare for next school year, and suggested ways to help motivate students to improve.

49 students (67% male, 33% female) participated. Surveys were prepared for both students and parents along with interviews of students.

The results were tremendous.  31 students improved on average by .57 on GPA after 1st semester vs cumulative GPA at end of 2001/2002 year). Students were energized and teachers expressed interest and genuine concern about the study participants in their classrooms. Best of all, the study will be continued through Guidance Department

Past Grant recipients are:
Karen Schiff-Foreign Language
Tim Pappageorge-English
Mark Wittkamper-Science
Jess Krueger-Indstl Technology
Pam Kalafut-Art
Linda Kennedy-English
Alex Hipskind-Social Studies
Paula Kavanaugh-Guidance
Andrew Fernandez-English
John Gills-English
Kathy Gabric-Science
Tom Ludovice-Science
Eric Jensen-Science
Marge Johnson-Library
Christine Hicks-Drama
Alan McCloud-Science
Pam Bylsma-Guidance
Christine Hicks-Drama

Other Grants have included:
  • Artist-in-Residence in the Music Department for 6 years
  • Revitalization of the fountain & courtyard,
  • Drama Department productions
  • Choral Concerts
  • The Speakers' Bureau
  • Character Counts! Program
  • Building Character thru Improv
  • WHSD Challenge Grant
  • Senior Award Assembly/Reception
  • The Freshman Young Scholars Program
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